USDA Forest Service EEO complaints

The USDA fails to follow their own mandates for both informal and formal EEO complaints.  The Forest Service will take your EEO claim and tell you they will investigate it.  They will do this at the Washington Office level, yet they have no plans to mediate or research it.  If you have the option of requesting EEO mediation, DO IT.  Do not let yourself be talking into the BS from Rhonda Thomas (2015) or any other WO people who act like they’re on your side.

Further, after the Forest Service lets the complaint lapse, your next step is to submit it to the USDA directly.   The USDA will ignore it as well. They may accept all or part of it, but they will also let it lapse.  Then you will get a notice saying that your recourse it to request an EEOC hearing, where 5% of injured parties are successful.

Due to this ongoing disregard for the law where the Forest Service and other USDA agencies mock their own regulations and where employee’s rights are consistently trampled, injured parties need to come together, form a non-profit organization to demand REFORM.  Otherwise nothing will change.

We need numbers to form a class action lawsuit and/or lobby congress for an agency assessment.

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